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Order 6 greeting cards or spend £15 to receive free First Class UK delivery
Order 5 greeting cards or spend £15 to receive free First Class UK delivery

How I started making greeting cards

As long as I can remember I have drawn and painted. In my work, every day life - the table at breakfast or a freshly picked bunch of flowers have provided endless inspiration as well as the beautiful surrounding countryside. A while ago, I just couldn’t find a card for my Mum and so decided to make one from one of my paintings. She loved it and so I began to make further work into greetings cards and was delighted with the response.

The history of greeting cards is fascinating! The practice can be traced even as far back to the ancient Chinese, where they exchanged cards to celebrate the new year. The tradition was also used by the ancient Egyptians who sent messages to each other on papyrus scrolls. In the 15th century, Italy and Germany started making cards out of woodcuts and sent them out across Europe. (I wondered if they offered free shipping for 3 or more cards :). This technique made it exclusive and only available to a small portion of the population.

Later, in 1843 a British inventor Henry Cole was able to use the advanced printing methods available to make 1,000 copies of a card depicting a Christmas scene. He did this so he could wish all his friends a merry Christmas and this led to the mass production of the Christmas cards we are all so accustomed to. The Royal Mail service meant family and friends could communicate in such a thoughtful way like never before and sending a card has become a treasured tradition.

What do I like about Greeting Cards?

I think a card holds a special place - it can keep us connected to friends and loved ones no matter the distance. It also sends a burst of colour, a joy to receive in the mail and open and the recipient knows it has been chosen especially for them! A card captures the moment but lasts a long time after.

I find it very heartening and humbling that the cards are bought for a variety of special occasions a birthday, anniversary or ‘just to say’.

The art cards available at Judi Glover Art are all made from original paintings and we are delighted to offer a hand-write and send service if you would like us to send a card directly at absolutely no extra charge.

Each card is printed by an excellent printing company in the UK, who are Fine Art Trade accredited, from original paintings and using 300gsm FSC board they are very high quality and can be easily framed.

Cards are also sent using sustainable and recyclable packaging both the inner sleeve and the outer packet.

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