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Order 3+ cards for free UK delivery. Spend £29 on cards & notebooks to receive 10% off
Order 3+ cards for free UK delivery. Spend £29 on cards & notebooks to receive 10% off

Rewards and Referrals

JGA Points provides discounts for points earned through purchases, referrals, likes and follows. As you earn points discounts are provided that you can use for an item or multiple items you’d like to purchase.

You can join here and if you already have an account with Judi Glover Art your existing account details can be used and it will automatically work (no need for two accounts!).

How do I earn points?

Points are earned immediately by joining here and following the steps. The "ways to earn" rewards you with points in a few clicks and you can continue to earn further points by referring friends and making purchases.

There are no limits to the amount of points you can earn, restrictions to joining or expiry of the points you've earned.

How do I refer a friend?

When you join here you’ll see a section called “refer your friends” and there’s a link you can automatically share or enter email addresses.

If you’d prefer to send to a friend directly you can copy the link to paste it to email. Your friend will receive a 15% off coupon and you will receive 500 points. You’ll receive your points once they make their first order.

Your referral link can be used as many times as you like and will always be available to copy and send.

How do I use my points?

Points can be coverted into discount coupons ranging from 10% off and rising to 25% off. Once you unlock a tier a unique discount code becomes available that you can enter in the checkout page.

500 JGA Points = 10% off coupon

750 JGA Points = 15% off coupon

1000 JGA Points = 20% off coupon

1250 JGA Points = 25% off coupon

Are there things I need to be aware of?

You’ll automatically receive 10% off when spending £29 on cards and/or notebooks. Using your unique code at checkout won’t work as only one discount can be used at a time. A way around this could be to split your orders so you can use your code.

Also, if you or a referred friend cancels or returns an order the points achieved for this will be automatically removed.

How do I view my points?

You can see them here, along with how close you are to unlocking the next reward.

What if i’d like to leave?

Please contact us and ask to be removed so we can do this for you. Your account and points would be removed if you were to join again in the future.

Where can I ask a question?

Please just visit the contact page, we’ll either be on live chat for a quick response or if not please just submit a question and we’ll come back to you on email.

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